Friday, December 16, 2011

You Never Let A Fellow Scribe Down

I got to thinking recently about writers, in general, so to speak. And you know,
something occurred to me. Every writer I have ever met, no matter how isolated or
prone to hermit-like behavior always knew another writer. It's like an unspoken rule that,
much like those fabled immortals they seem to be drawn together. Be it a
collaborator or old friend, chances are if you know someone who even writes as a
hobby they in turn know at least one other writer personally.

Ironic as it may be it is simply a part of the nature of things. Over the years
I have had the fortune to come into contact with some great writers, some I can
even claim as friends. Which is another post for another time. Long story short,
when one of them approached me about writing a piece for their blog I jumped at
the chance.

Mitchell Willie contacted me recently about doing a post for
his blog. A great author in his own right he has been working on
some projects of late that includes some children's books. While I wracked my
noodle on what to write for him it reminded me of a recent bedtime story I told
one of my own children.One I have been told repeatedly by my wife that has to be shared.
A wise man listens to the advice of his spouse.

If a single child enjoys it, or your own inner child, then it was worth sharing.

Kindness Is Magic.

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