Friday, March 30, 2012

A Thunder Bear's Loot.

After my previous post I thought I might share a visual record of just how awesome my son's horde of birthday loot was.

The obligatory cake and table image! As you can tell he insisted on a Captain America motif, not that I'm complaining. 

 Another cake shot, this time it was ready for it's close up.
 Whut... Is that... The Mighty Thor? In miniature? AWESOME! (We heard that word a lot, I think it was the word of the day.)
 Whosoever wields this hammer... Yeah, his big brother instantly knew the unspoken warnings that were hanging in the air when this one was unwrapped.
 Red samurai ranger: check. Shogun armor: check. We lost him for a moment there.
 "What is that," someone asked? "REAL STEEL," he roared in his best ring side announcer voice.
 A bonus gift included with some clothes - a little spider man car that has segments that rotate around to reconfigure into different styles.
 He really gets the best clothes! I often have to admit that I am jealous of his wardrobe.
 You doubt his claim as Lord of the Thunder Bears? Ta-Da! Who wields the legendary sword now?
 Oh, and let's not forget the claw shield!
Surprisingly, not even the cards were overlooked.

So, there you have it - photo documented proof that my son had one heck of a birthday.