Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tending To The Creative Fields.

I'll be honest here, I haven't written a single scrap of fiction in a decent bit. Now, I could cite various explanations, giving detailed reasons even. But, the truth of it all is that those would just be exscuses - exscuses for not doing something for which there shouldn't be.
I have tried several times to start another story or two, but as you can see nothing ever came out of it. It has left me feeling quite guilty, I do admit. Especially with the advent of having a Nook now where I can literally write from anywhere. A dear friend recently posted a interesting notion himself, one that both looks fun and brought to mind a old project of my own.
My Requiem setting has been a delight to write about for a long time now, one that I constantly strive to share with others. The setting itself though has grown over time and been shaped by more hands than just my own. For example there are some planets and other locations that would never have been without the afore mentioned project. About ten or so years back I decided to implement a form on an old site whereby readers could submit details for a planet or other place of interest. Now, the end result wasn't a flood of submissions, but there was enough material that gave birth to some of what has become landmarks of Requiem.
So, in an effort to kick start the creative cogs I have decided to undertake a little endeavor. It is one though, that I cannot do alone. The idea, as it stands is this; starting today I am accepting two types of submissions for my fiction. The first can be any ideas for a planet or other place of interest, as detailed as you like. The second, can be a story seed for anything you'd like to see more about or just simply want to challenge me to attempt. If it is the later, however, my only request is that it be limited to a single phrase or a few topics/words.
Each week I will select a submission to attempt that will be posted on Monday morning. If your submission is selected I will credit you as inspiration, email you a copy and if it is a location allow you to preview the work before it is posted.
My goal is not only to get back to regularly writing, but to also expand upon Requiem.
Submissions can be emailed to me Here, or tweeted to me @SilverPenScribe.