Friday, May 10, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 43.

- Episode 43 -

"I need you guys to buy me some time," Trinity desperately pleaded the request at Mal and Camden. "The wards are failing and those things will get through if I don't do something! I need you to keep them busy, distracted so I can work some form of a way to reinforce it before it collapses. But I won't be able to protect you while you do it, I will have to concentrate - you'll be on your own and so will I."

Camden didn't focus much on the details his sister told him, all he needed to hear her say was to keep the monsters busy. "Consider it done," Camden confirmed as he straddled himself upon Silver-Claws back. "We'll take to the air and intercept everything we can to draw their attention."

"Sound plan," Mal confirmed. "You draw their fire and I'll assign my best bowmen to cover you, it'll leave me free to provide a line of defense for Trinity." As Mal had barely let the last words leave his lips a pair of footsteps thudded to a halt behind them and another voice joined them.

"Not alone your not," King Rainborne declared with a wry grin lighting his face. "I finally get my Earl Marshal back after all these years, I'll be trice cursed if I'm going to let him stand alone." With a roll of his shoulders the king drew his cloak behind him and brought his sword to hand. "Besides, you've probably allowed yourself to get rusty my old friend and as for me, well I could use a good bit of fun for a change."

"Never ever assume my skill to be anything less than what you have known it to be in the past," Mal corrected his former student. "Did I not instruct you to always consider your foes hidden strengths; never assume your blind superiority. It always ends with you eating dirt."

"Arrows at the ready, lend your aim to cover the boy and his dragon," Mal ordered his men. "Hurry," Trinity whispered as lines of worry furrowed her brow and a bead of sweat formed at her temples. "I'll have to pull the wards back to try and reweave what of the magic I can, you have to make haste and keep them held back while I work."

"On your signal then," Mal answered her, a soft tender tone of rippled resolve to bolster her.

"Now," Trinity screamed; as she did every strand of pale interlocking light above them began to shatter and withdraw. And as it did, the swarming creatures rushed in without restriction, furiously seeking the magic they feared could imprison them once more. With a roar of glee Silver-Claws took wing carrying himself and Camden straight at them like a hurled spear.