Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Delight of a Dozen.

Twelve years ago, in a sleepy little church and with but a handful of treasured loved ones near two idealistic romantic youths said those fateful words that bound them with a sacred oath.

For twelve long years we have weathered winters together, and strolled hand in hand through summer suns. Over a dozen passing sets of seasons we have watched fall drape the land about us in a kaleidoscope of color, only to look on as spring sewed greenery anew. It has been a long road and one not without its own difficulties. However, I must confess it seems at times to have passed us by in a mere blink of the eye.

I'd not dare trade a single day of my time being married to my maiden fare for anything under the sun or moon. Nor have I ever truly regretted saying those cherished words. In deepest and solemn truth I do unequivocally exclaim that I look forward to the next dozen years and more with excited glee.

Twelve years ago on October 27th I vowed that 'with this ring, I thee wed.'

It is only fitting that on the anniversary of that day I can still proudly proclaim; that with this ring I remain, and forever shall.

Eternally and faithfully devoted to my loving wife Teal Rae Johnson Gill. May I be blessed to have you at my side for a few dozen more.