Saturday, February 1, 2014

An Early Valentines.

My Love for you doesn’t live it expensive things
It lives in the mind,
In the memories we have made and the promise of those that remain.

Your worth lies not in petty bobbles dangling about from a string,
Nor does your beauty equal that of frail flowers blooming for but a lingering moment.

Know that it is the full measure of you that I adore, everything you’ve been and so much more.

You wake me in the morning, becoming my dawn.
And every night I kiss you to end the day with a whispered ‘I Love You.’

You are my beginning and my end.
You truly are my forever friend.

All I have to give is the full sum of the knowledge that you alone are all I hold dear.
No precious stones, no bars of gold or forged steel.
Just your Love, is all I need to live.

You are my everything,
My Lady Beautiful.