Friday, June 7, 2013

Neon Knights - Episode 18.

Episode 18

Tyrn returned from a service call to find a new pile of components being sorted on his work bench. “Might I ask what is going on here,” Tyrn inquired. “I don’t recall leaving any old thermal plasma dc torches or linear motors laying around in here. So, please, by all means enlighten me as to what it is you’re working on here? I realize you’re in a rough spot but I hope I didn’t just patch up your pet so you could rob me while I was out.”

Lexel looked up from a dismantled piece of hardware delicately dissected before her, her emerald eyes blinked behind the magnified gadget goggles she now wore in an almost bug-like display. With a flick she raised the lenses to return his gaze with her own as she realized Tyrn had been talking to her. She had been so focused on trying to figure out just how to incorporate the new equipment into Zero that she hadn’t noticed Tyrn come in.

“I could use some help determining how much of these are still functional and how to incorporate them into Zero,” Lexel decided. “Theoretically, you could re-route some of the power converters to feed the torches and enable them to generate the needed plasma jet’s to act as a sort of short range weapon. Kind of like an effective anti-armor edge or blade you might say.”

Excitement seemed to be gripping Lexel as she moved over to some of the linear motors next. “You see these motors, right? Well, I think that if you could wire them into a parallel configuration you might be able to power them into producing a more potent energy discharge by accelerating condensed particles.” Lexel would have continued explaining her various experiments Tyrn was certain if he allowed her to but he decided it prudent to give her a moment to catch her breath.

“Woe there, little miss, let’s step it down a few volts,” he petitioned. He should be upset at her for tearing into all these materials or at the very least for making use of his shop without his permission. But as he rubbed at his forehead he found a huge grin highlighted on his face instead. It seemed this little surprise had not only been paying attention last night but also might have thought of some clever applications all her own.

“Wait a pulse there; what is the application here in this? Your friend over there is an amazing little piece of work, don’t get me wrong. But why does he need all this firepower? He was all mangled up pretty bad before; like something that has either been through a nasty bit of fighting or one terrible crash landing. I haven’t asked and didn’t plan to – but now you’re talking about arming him with stuff from my shop. I can’t have it on my heart you walking out of here into whatever is haunting you to go into some kind of war-zone.”

“Actually it was a bit of both,” Lexel answered, finding Tyrn’s reaction one of mixed curiosity and concern. “It was a brutal battle itself and then when we tried to make an escape from an attempted ambush afterwards we ended up only getting away by falling through a few buildings.” As Lexel continued to fill Tyrn in on everything that had happened she found a tender compassion waiting in the gentle giant. It was punctuated by the instant embrace of his big arms and broad shoulders as he seized her in a tight hug.

“Well, it’s like I already told you before you are safe here and welcome to stay for as long as you need,” Tyrn reminded her with a sniffle. “Now, about those upgrades you were talking about; let’s see what we can do about that.” Together they began evaluating parts while Tyrn taught Lexel as they went through them. He even produced some extra additions to her collection of components and made a few modifications of his own.

After working through the rest of the daylight hours the eventually declared Zero ready for the arena and smiled with satisfaction at their inventive handiwork. He still was no tank by any means but Tyrn figured he could now return just as much of a fight as he could be given. Lexel herself looked forward to seeing Zero make use of his new capabilities as well but couldn’t help but wonder what challenges he might face next.

But as Zero reviewed his new modifications a single burning desire was sparked inside him. He wanted nothing more than to prove just how good he was now. With his new additions helping to level the field he was sure that now he could do just that.