Sunday, June 16, 2013

Released - Neon Knights Ebook.

Well, as of yesterday afternoon Neon Knights has been released in it's revised ebook format. Every episode collected together into a variety of formats and made available through Smashwords. As with A Light In The Dark I have chosen to make the book completely free; I started by writing them for my own children and after seeing how much they enjoyed them I decided to share them with others. If you or your own children read any of my works and smile then I consider myself well paid indeed.

I have found myself thinking a lot about these little serial stories lately. Each one is it's own unique thing, much like a flavor to be savored. One thing I can honestly admit about Neon Knights is that it was just a blast to write. It incorporated so many various elements that I could draw on for it, not to mention it allowed me to make use of some of my own technical background. The whole experience was quite satisfying to say the least.

However I have to be honest here;  Neon Knights without initially meaning to be ended up becoming a little more mature than A Light In The Dark. Just kind of evolved that way, actually.

Well, much like Zero I could probably go on and on analyzing the story and my others but I think it best to take some friendly advice and not let my mouth run away with me. Give it a read and see what you think for yourself - it is free after all. I need to get back to revising Luck of the Claw for release anyways I suppose.

Hopefully you'll find it enjoyable.