Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 1.

- Episode 1 -

There is a subtle music in the forest; the sound the leaves make when the wind blows. It is a form of magic, in a way. That is what Trinity always thought on clear cool mornings like this. She liked to close her eyes and let the wind blow through her golden hair as she imagined herself making magical songs as well. Oh, to be up on a stage and have all eyes excited to see you there! The very thought of it was her idea of heaven. Nothing at all like standing here by a plain dirt road that cut through the woods and wondering where her brother was.

"Where could Camden be anyway?" Trinity asked herself. "Please don't be getting into trouble," she started repeating to herself. It never seemed to do any good, but Trinity always secretly hoped that maybe the next time she might get lucky and find her brother not causing mischief.

Unfortunately, there was an approaching sound from over the hill that could only mean one thing; Camden had done it again. It sounded like someone was really angry and that person was chasing after whatever it was that had caused his unhappiness. And just as predictable as the sun rising each morning Trinity spotted Camden flying over a hilltop and heading her way.

"No time to talk Trin," Camden managed between gasping for breath. "We best be off!" With a free hand her brother grabbed his sister and took off into a full run diving between trees. As usual, luck was smiling on them almost as big as the one on Camden's face - an arrow missed them both to thud into a tree behind them.

"What have you done this time?" Trinity demanded as she tried to keep up. He was always doing this to her, every time she wasn't looking he was doing something that led to them both running for their lives. She was certain she could of been on her way to being famous by now if not for Camden.

"Don't worry Trin, I remembered breakfast," Camden explained with a chuckle. "I got your favorite; roast chicken!" In his other hand he held up his prize for her to see and sure enough it looked like he hadn't been joking. And as much as he could frustrate her, she had to admit Camden did do his best to look after them in his own weird way.

Right now though, they needed to escape this angry farmer first. While Camden liked to act first and think second(or never) Trinity preferred to think first. And it just so happened that she had an idea to save both of their skins. If she wasn't mistaken, and she rarely was, they were close to the perfect spot. Very few people dared to venture near the Pool of Tears and for good reason. It was a both a sacred place and surrounded by steep rocky walls.

With a quick giggle Trinity told her brother: "follow me, I have an idea!" Camden always hated it when she had one of those.