Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 11.

- Episode 11 -

"Morning, little buddy," Dad said from beside Jack's bed. He was squatted down like a big bull frog, his chin resting on the edge of the bed. Jack opened his eyes to his Dad making a silly face and couldn't help but smile. "Proud of you for last night," Dad said while he rubbed Jack's head ruffling his already messy hair. "Wanna know a secret?" he whispered and looked over his shoulder like he might get into trouble if anyone overheard him. It was possible Jack knew several times Mom fussed at Dad for telling them all manner of weird things.

Jack wasn't sure what Dad was about to say but he was curious to hear what it was, so he nodded. "You can always be proud of your best, son. Even if you fail, get sent to the principal, no matter what it is - I want you to always know that if it was your best you can be proud of it. There is no shame in it." Dad stood back up and winked at Jack. "Your best is always good enough for me, and I am proud of you."

"Dad," Jack interrupted as his Dad was almost out the door, one foot already in the hall. "Yes, buddy?" Jack had just remembered what Mom had said last night. "What did Mom mean when she said you were scared of something?" The question made Dad's face change, he looked real sad.

"Promise you won't laugh at me, or tell anyone?" his Dad asked while pausing to look up and down the hallway. "I promise," Jack declared, not sure what could be so bad Dad would worry about being laughed at. When Dad spoke next to answer the question Jack had to really listen cause he was whispering super quietly. "I am scared of spiders... and girl's underwear," he said while looking down at the floor.

"Have you tried your best?" Jack asked next. "Why do you think I fold the laundry and try to fix things under the house by myself? I keep trying but they just still are too creepy, always make me get all tingly." His Dad couldn't even help himself, just thinking about it he shivered. "Well, Dad," Jack said with a smile, "then that is good enough for me."

"Guess we'll just be proud of each other then," his Dad chuckled. "Let's get a move on, we have to get you to school." Unknown to either of them a single star twinkled just a little brighter before it started to fall from the sky. Perhaps big bright hearts have a gravity all their own.