Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 13.

- Episode 13 -

Rocketing through the sky a hunk of rock was speeding it's way to the ground. Kim was the first to spot the strange meteorite as she yelled; "look, look, there it is and I think it's glowing!" She was right, of course, even Jack could see that it sort of rippled with a strange light. Even as the sun's rays were lost in the shadow of the moon the mysterious space stone shinned.

Everyone was so amazed by this almost magical thing that was happening above them, but something still troubled Jack. "Shouldn't we go back inside Mr. Graves?" Jack asked cautiously. "Be quiet!" his teacher snapped. "You do not want to miss this," Mr. Graves added but his eyes never left the sky.

Jack looked up at the darkened sky again and this time he was sure of it - that bright little rock seemed to be heading towards them. He had to do something! But what could he do, Mr. Graves seemed pretty clear that he didn't want anyone disturbing him. If that thing did hit anywhere near them though he was sure somebody could get hurt.

Determined, Jack said in as loud a voice as he could; "everybody get back inside this isn't safe out here!" The other children hesitated, they weren't sure if they should even listen to Jack. Mr. Graves refused to move even an inch. "No," he roared "I can't miss this!" But by now even the other kids had started to notice the meteorite was getting closer and closer. Everyone ran for the school as fast as they could hopping it might keep them safe.

Jack pleaded one last time as he reached for Mr. Graves. "This isn't safe Mr. Graves, we have to get inside," Jack explained. "Run and hide if you are scared little boy," Mr. Graves replied. In that moment Jack knew one simple fact - he wasn't scared at all of the darkness around him. He was only worried about someone getting hurt.

And then, all at once everything became black and silent.