Friday, March 29, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 3.

- Episode 3 -

High atop FrostThorn tower Baron Samael sat awaiting an important message. He gazed out carefully watching for some sign of one of his crows that might be on it's way with news. But nothing approached his dark stone tower.

Any day now he should receive word, he was sure of it. The Baron had been setting his plans carefully into motion for a very long time now and the thought that they were all coming together excited him. Some unfortunate fool had already found the Vault of Echoes and that meant very soon his minions would deliver to him a key element of his plan.

The Vault had been an ancient site used to lock away dangerous and powerful items of magic. Legend said it was lost to the ages forever and would never be found again. Only it was. And Baron Samael planned to use the power it contained to enhance his own magic. Then, nothing could stand in his way of taking over everything for as far as he could see.

It really was getting damp in this old tower, the Baron noticed. He had been so preoccupied of late he had managed to miss it. With a single gesture arcane energy snaked from his finger to summon one of his servants to him. This wouldn't do, he couldn't allow even the smallest task to be overlooked. If he did, well the next thing he knew they might begin to think they should be free as well.

A small slender figure appeared in the doorway before the Baron careful not to speak or look up at him. Green fire flew forth in a flash to torment and burn at the servants flesh who barely managed to keep from crying out in pain. All the servants had learned painful lessons of their own as well as from watching what happened to the others who didn't. The silence was fortunate for them since the Baron despised weakness.

Satisfied the lesson was firmly engraved upon his servant, the Baron turned his gaze back to the skies. "See to it that the entire tower is cleaned and dried of this irritating dampness immediately," he ordered quietly. "I need not remind you that next time you will find me far less forgiving." The Baron could of easily taken care of the whole tower through his magic alone, but he did so enjoy this so much the more.

Now, where is that crow he wondered? If Thatch or Cobble had bumbled things up again he would torment them until what little wits remained to them were gone. No, clearly even those two couldn't screw things up at this point. All that was left to do was to wait for word that his prize was on it's way.

Baron Samael hated waiting.