Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 25.

- Episode 25 -

Even in the darkest patches of night a single glimmer of light can spark hope in the hearts of those who see it. Jack knew this better than anyone, since he had been terrified of the dark for so long. But, just like Dad had said, the darkness was nothing more than a bully. It needed you to be scared, it needed your imagination to allow it to win. If you stood up to it and choose to be brave then it lost all power over you.

He had been right when he told his Dad that he could be a flare. Fighting against these shadow monsters Jack had not only defeated them but he had also given people something they needed. A single little boy had shown them how to be brave even in the face of something scary, and he had done it by making his own light. Powers or not, Jack was a hero.

The growing ripple of faith in everyone who could now see this shinning hero in a hospital gown still flooded into Jack. But he knew Mr. Graves wouldn't stop spreading fear and terror throughout the town. He knew Mr. Graves was a mean teacher, but how could he have became such a evil man? Whatever had happened to them that day, had it done this to Mr. Graves? Jack didn't know for sure but he did know that if he couldn't save Mr. Graves from this thing he had to make sure to stop him from hurting anyone.

"Hey, Flare," Dad yelled with a grin from the doorway to the hospital. "Jack, sweetheart, at least put these clothes on," Mom begged. "I have to hurry," Jack tried to explain. "It was Mr. Graves, something bad has happened to him and I think he might hurt more people. My friends could be in danger!"

Mom bent down to look her youngest son in the eye, and when she spoke her voice was soft and clear. "You come back safe, my little brave hero. If anyone can bring light to those afraid in the dark, it is you my little angel." Dad didn't have to say anything, Jack could tell by the look on his face that he was proud of him.

Charged by his own courage and the hope he was bringing to everyone Jack looked out at the empty night covering his town. "Well this is a really big emergency," Jack noted. "I guess we're going to need a really big flare." Both his parents agreed with a smile as their son started off into the dark in a run.

"Good thing this town has me to help light the way," Jack said loudly as he launched bright blasts of light up into the sky as he went. Now, if he was going to hunt down a shadow in the dark the first thing he was going to need to do was shed some light on things. With every little flare that glowed to mark his passing people looked up and began to be less afraid. And with every spark of hope Jack felt more and more like he could really do it. He could stop Mr. Graves.

All he had to do now was try to make it to his friends before Mr. Graves. The only problem; he might already be too late.