Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 27.

- Episode 27 -

Jack dashed down the street as he hurried to find his friends. He knew he was getting close but as he turned the corner something just didn't feel right. It was so dark down this street, darker than it should even be without any street lights. Better be extra careful Jack decided as he slowly walked forward to check things out.

The feeling of hope that Jack had been able to sense spreading through the town now seemed like a faint echo in the distance. There was a strong fear here and it's icy presence made Jack wish he had a winter coat on. "I know you're here Mr. Graves," Jack shouted even though he couldn't see him. Deep down inside a small part of Jack couldn't help but feel a little scared as he tried to spot Mr. Graves.

"So glad you could join us," Mr. Graves hissed from somewhere in the deep darkness. "We've been waiting for you, me and some friends of yours. Sadly they were neither fast enough or smart enough to escape me." Jack had been too late, Mr. Graves had his friends now and he wasn't sure what to do. "Oh, what would the Force Guardians do?" Jack tried to ask himself. But he wasn't sure what his favorite heroes would do in a situation like this.

"Please," Jack tried to beg, "don't hurt my friends I'll do anything you want!" He still couldn't see Mr. Graves and every time he could hear him speak he couldn't even tell where his voice was coming from. "I know you will," Mr. Graves told him.

A box of thick black darkness began to form in front of Jack. "Get inside the box," Mr. Graves commanded. "Once you are inside then you won't have to worry about your dear friends any longer." Jack wasn't sure where his friends were but he did know that if he even tried anything Mr. Graves could still hurt them. He didn't have a choice.

So, Jack took a deep breath and stepped into the box. Instantly it sealed shut and he found himself in nothing but pure darkness. And all he could hear was Mr. Graves laughing as he felt himself becoming afraid again.