Sunday, March 31, 2013

Steel Dragoons - Part 3.

Carefully Alwyn navigated through the rubble, crisscrossing through streets and between buildings. While he approached the target area he couldn't help but wonder what was really going on here. These were political malcontents- people angry and radically opposing what they assumed was the New Republic via violent demonstration.

Something just didn't feel right about this, Alwyn was used to going in advance and doing the recon. It was literally his job, but this time he couldn't shake the feeling they had walked into something all wrong. Alwyn was always taught to trust the intel until your recon proved otherwise but he had found his own instinct served him better.

"On your toes boys and girls, I am getting a real bad feeling on this one," Alwyn told his waiting squad mates. He knew, realistically, that he was the one more vulnerable right now - they were all safely still tucked away inside the transport. Nothing short of military grade anti-armor missiles or perhaps, maybe, some cannon could penetrate it's armor. And Alwyn couldn't think of any that could that was man portable. No way intel could of missed that.

His armor's sensors started picking up a heat flare just up ahead, it wasn't something he had to wait for his internal systems to analyze or cross reference. He had seen it before many times but never like this. Alwyn watched in horror as an entire salvo of Hammerhead missiles took flight in a dead aimed path towards the transport.

No time to intercept them, all he could do was hope they had heeded his warning. Alwyn hefted his rifle and turned to face the missiles launch site. They had been able to get off one salvo, but they would not ever manage a second. This was no longer a recon mission, by his reckoning it had become a seek and destroy. And that was another thing a bloodhound was good for.