Thursday, March 7, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 15.

- Episode 15 -

"He's waking up doctor!" a young nurse squealed. Alarms started to beep in various ways, whatever they were for Jack wasn't sure about. All he knew was his head hurt and his mouth felt really dry. Why was everyone yelling and what did that lady mean?

Jack quickly started to figure out who they were talking about as soon as he opened his eyes. It was him. He was tucked into a big white bed and there were wires taped all over him that plugged into weird machines. That was the easy part - he was in the hospital. But what had happened?

Jack tried to ask what had happened but his throat hurt too bad, he couldn't seem to speak. "Easy there young man," a doctor told him as he pointed a little light in his face and started looking him over. "You have been out for quite a while, it is amazing to see you awake again." The doctor began reviewing some of the machines before he continued explaining. "We weren't sure how much damage it did to you when it hit. The surgeons were able to remove some of the rock fragments that hit you but unfortunately they couldn't get all of them."

Mom and Dad were in the room now standing behind the doctor, they were asking him something that Jack couldn't make out. "What about the others?" Jack managed to ask with a grunt. It was Dad who answered; "the other kids said it was you who warned them, and they managed to get out of the way in time. They said there was a few scratches and bruises but nothing serious."

But then everyone's faces changed. "About Mr. Graves though..." his Dad seemed to have trouble deciding how to tell him. "Well, buddy, they told us you tried to help him - but nobody has seen him since the accident. It's like he just vanished. He could of made it to safety but it was so dark nobody could really see very well."

Somehow, deep down, Jack knew Mr. Graves wasn't gone. He could feel it.