Friday, March 8, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 16.

- Episode 16 -

The lights down in the basement had never worked very well but the constant flicker was far too irritating. With each pulse of light the shadows were pushed back like waves on a beach. Except for a single corner, for some reason the shadows there seemed to wiggle and swirl.

Long black snakes of darkness shot out suddenly, each one smashing a light. "That's better," a cold voice purred. The basement was now completely dark and it felt wonderful. "Now, what happened..." the shadows whispered. "Ah, yes, it was that child - he must of done something." Anger rippled through the blackness as it started to take the shape of a man.

"Hello," said a little old man from the stairwell as he pointed a flashlight down into the basement. "Anyone down here?" he asked. "No, not anymore," the voice answered. Instantly shadows rushed forward and pulled both the man and flashlight in and then they vanished. There was no sound or sign left that anyone had even been there a second before.

Only one figure now stood in the basement, smiling ear to ear. And it looked strangely like Mr. Graves! It felt good down here in the basement but that flashlight had burned. What had that little boy done to him? His memory was fuzzy but he remembered Jack distracting him, trying to make him miss witnessing a once in a lifetime event. "That little brat!" Mr. Graves growled.

There was too much brightness outside, he could feel it somehow. He would wait, and then he would find that little boy who had done this to him. Cold tingled up and down Mr. Graves arms as shadows flickered around him. Soon, very soon, he would teach little Jack a lesson and then all the kids would learn to fear him.

Their fear would be delicious.