Sunday, March 31, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 4.

- Episode 4 -

"Hey, Thatch, you sure we're going the right way?" Cobble asked his taller companion. Of the two, Cobble was short and round while Thatch was tall and skinny. Neither were known for being overly smart though.

"Yeah, yeah, Cobble we'll be back to the tower in no time," Thatch explained. "I keep telling you, I know the way back, Baron Samael told me himself exactly which way to go." "But didn't he also tell us not to forget something though?" Cobble had to ask. He couldn't shake the notion they had forgotten something important.

"Nope, we took care of that guy and snatched up everything he had found. All we were supposed to do was bring it back to the Baron and he'll be so happy. I bet we even get rewards!" Thatch seemed so sure that Cobble couldn't argue, it did sound nice to think about not getting punished for once.

"If we're getting close, does that mean we can stop and rest a bit?" Cobble offered up another question. "Cause I am getting tired, maybe we could stop and take a nap or you could take a turn packing the big bag." Thatch clearly had no intention of actually doing any more heavy lifting than he had to, so the idea of taking a break was definitely the better of the two.

"Alright, we'll pause for a brief break, but then we'll hurry back, agreed?" Thatch offered. Without a second thought Cobble blurted out; "agreed." And before you could even blink the two flopped down beside the path with a grunt. "This stuff sure is heavy," Cobble said considering his bag as he removed it from his shoulder. "I know the Baron wanted everything but didn't he say it was key or something that was just important?"

"Yeah, he did say that, didn't he?" Thatch said as he recalled the same thing. "And he is sure to be really proud of us for bringing him all this other loot too. But I bet he would be even more glad if we already weeded out some of the junk for him!" Cobble was always impressed by how Thatch always had the best ideas.

"Like this silly little book," Cobble mentioned while holding a small plain book. It didn't look like much except for a slight etching of a white horn marked on the cover. The funny little thing didn't even seem to have any words in it. Not that it would of mattered, neither Thatch or Cobble could of probably even read the thing anyway.

After a few minuted the two had sorted through their pile of items and tossed aside anything they were sure wouldn't please the Baron. Quite proud of their labor they decided to take a quick nap before heading back. Surely they would make better time without the weight of the extra junk and either way Baron Samael would reward them for being so smart.

As he drifted off to sleep, Cobble still kept thinking there was something they had forgotten. He never had been great at remembering things, but he was sure they were supposed to do something on their way back. His stomach growled at him as he tried to remember what it could of been. It should would of been nice if they had another one of those crows like the other day. Sure was a great idea Thatch had had to cook it for a snack. Maybe the Baron would give them a really tasty treat as a reward! Yeah, that sounded really good to Cobble as he drifted off to sleep.