Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 26.

- Episode 26 -

Mr. Graves watched from outside a bedroom window as he calmly calculated the next step of his plan. Even now Jack was on his way through town to try and stop him. But he already had one of his dear friends and soon he would have the other. This was going to be easy!

As usual the little know-it-all was sitting in her room with a battery powered light and emergency radio. She had apparently been prepared for situations like this, but one thing she couldn't have expected was shadows oozing into her room. Curiosity kept her at first from screaming before instinct overwhelmed her and made her scream in panic.

"This isn't real," Kim mumbled to herself as the darkness started to look like her teacher. "This can't happen, it's not possible," she tried to remind herself. Kim had read a lot of books and things and she was sure that shadows couldn't do things like that. But sure enough, standing in her room and smiling with glee was Mr. Graves.

With a wave of his hand a wave of black swept through the room and all light vanished. Darkness wrapped around Kim and even though she tried to struggle and fight it was just to strong. It squeezed and held her tight until she couldn't move.

In the distance bursts of light exploded in the air that gradually were getting closer and closer. "Late again," Mr. Graves whispered to himself quietly. "But let's see if you remembered to study for the test." "A test?" Kim managed to ask with a groan. "Yes," Mr. Graves confirmed, "a test over the use of traps involving live bait."

For once Kim didn't know what to do, but she hoped desperately that whoever was coming did.