Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 10.

- Episode 10 -

Jack stared at the back door for a few minutes, he really didn't want to go out there. He swallowed but the lump in his throat didn't go away. As scared as he was he kept telling himself he had to do this. He couldn't let the dark keep bullying him, he wasn't fast like Ben and even if he was you can't outrun the darkness.

No, Jack was determined he was going to beat his fear. He took a deep breath and reached for the door knob. His eyes were closed when he stepped out onto the back steps but he couldn't bring himself to open his eyes right away. "I have to be brave," he told himself. "I am brave, I am not scared of you!"

Slowly he peeked out of one eye and he could see stars twinkling up in the sky. He tried to imagine all the stars shining just a little bit brighter pushing the darkness back. And you know what, it kinda helped. So he concentrated just on the stars trying not to even think about how dark it was outside.

Before long he had drawn down on his paper lots of little pictures of dots and lines. The dots were the best way he could think of to draw the stars and the lines helped him picture the shapes they made. He was sure that he might not have the names right but maybe he had gotten them close enough to not get a bad grade.

Satisfied Jack decided to go back inside and get ready for bed. Once he took his eyes off the sky a tickle worked it's way up his back and the fear started trying to come back. He tried his best to keep reminding himself that he was brave but he couldn't help a quick hop to jump back inside. It felt so good to be back inside where the lights were on.

But now Jack still had to wonder if Mr. Graves was going to send him to the office or not. Jack wasn't sure any homework was good enough to impress mean old Mr. Graves.