Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 17.

- Episode 17 -

"You should get some rest sweetheart," Mom said softly as she looked down at him. "The doctor said you may be able to go home soon! They just want to run a couple more tests to make sure everything is healing fine." Jack knew his Mom was worried, even if the doctors said he was fine she would still worry he might not be. Maybe it's part of being the mom; your suppose to worry about everything.

"I'll be alright, Mom," Jack said hoping his Mom believed him. Even if she didn't it felt good to at least try to make her think he would be. "I'll be right outside checking on your father if you need me," Mom reminded him. "Want me to leave a little extra light on for you sweetie?"

"No, thank you though," Jack replied. His Mom sighed before she went out in the hall. Jack was sure it was times like this that his mom wanted nothing more than for him to be a baby again. But he wasn't a baby, he was a big kid now and he knew he could be brave. The thought sparked his courage and then suddenly there was a glow from under his blankets.

Carefully he lifted his sheets and peeked down to see a little point of light shining from his chest. It was just like in his dream, somehow he was glowing! Curiously he touched it with his finger and it felt warm, kind of nice really. But what was this thing he wondered, maybe if he had a little more light he could check it out.

Instantly, the warmth spread through him and a beam of soft light shot out of his hand to become a ball of light that hung in the air. It was a gentle light and didn't seem to hurt his eyes. Did he just do that? Jack was both excited and a little scared of the possibility. 

And with that brief moment of fear the light he had created flickered out. Jack was going to have to figure this out, but for now he was tired. Perhaps Mom was right about getting some rest.