Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 14.

- Episode 14 -

Slowly Jack began to open his eyes, he felt like he had just awoke from being asleep for a very long time. But when he tried to look around he saw nothing but emptiness. There was no one around him, nothing to be seen and strangely he didn't hear anything at all. "Hello," Jack said trying to see if there was anyone who could even hear him. But nobody answered him, there wasn't even an echo.

Jack wasn't sure where he was or even where anyone else was but he decided right away he wasn't going to just sit here and be afraid. The last thing he could remember was the meteor that was heading straight for them. Where was Mr. Graves, and was his friends safe? He had no idea, but he had to find out.

Something warm tingled inside his chest as Jack stood up and started walking around even though he still couldn't see. "I will not be afraid of the dark," he reminded himself. He had to make sure everyone was okay, they could be anywhere, he was determined to find them.

The tingling began to get worse, his chest even started to feel warmer. Confused Jack noticed it didn't hurt so much as it just felt like a really warm bath and then it started to spread all over him. Was he starting to give off heat like the heaters in his old classroom? People can't do that, Jack was sure of it.

But then why else would he be glowing? Wait, Jack was sure he had to be dreaming because he really was glowing.