Monday, March 11, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 19.

- Episode 19 -

Jack woke up suddenly, he wasn't sure why but all at once he was wide awake and sleeping just didn't seem like something he could do if he tried. So he looked around his hospital room - all the little machines were still there, beeping and blinking. He couldn't tell for sure if it was night time or not because the nurse had closed all the window blinds. But by the clock on the wall he was pretty sure it must be. Telling the time by the hands on the clock was something Jack never had quite gotten the hang of but he knew enough to know that the way they were pointing was normally after dark.

Jack couldn't quite shake the feeling something wasn't right though. It was sort of like that day outside school. Just thinking about it made his head still hurt, he couldn't remember anything about what happened. All he could remember was begging Mr. Graves to get back inside and then he was having some weird dream.

And then there was the glowing. How had he done that anyway? He had tried to be brave and then he felt that gentle warm tingle... There it was again! Excited, Jack concentrated again and tried to imagine a little strip of light in his hand. And just like something from an episode of The Force Guardians there it was like a little dagger of white light. This is so awesome he thought!

But as amazing as it all was Jack couldn't help but worry about his teacher. What had happened to Mr. Graves? A faint cold chill began to tickle at the back of Jack's neck. Something bad was coming, he could feel it somehow. And if he had any kind of powers like his favorite heroes then maybe he could do something to help!

Quickly Jack started to unplug the various wires they had stuck all over him and decided he would check on his parents. They were supposed to be outside his room catching a nap. They worried too much. But now it was his turn to worry, because while he looked around for his shoes every light in town went out.

A whole town was dark, and it made Mr. Graves smile.