Monday, March 25, 2013

Where To Next?

Where do we go from here?
The question itself is a difficult one for many reasons. I have just finished off my experimental serialized bedtime story for my children and I must concede it seems to be a huge success. With that said though, I now face a daunting dilemma - how do I dare approach beginning another?

Well, let's consider a few things. First, I have just finished a 30 episode super hero themed story that has proven to be a hit with my kids. And I did wisely decide to end it with enough of a hook to allow me to potentially return to it later on for more stories. However, I feel a little tapped out in regards to the theme. I could, by all accounts, easily just pick it back up and keep on going. Yet, variety is the spice of life, and as such I think it could diminish my kids interest if the stories continue down a singular vein.

Another factor to consider that I originally didn't consider is that while the first attempt was solely meant to be bedtime entertainment for one of my sons it instead became a focus for all my children. Considering that little fact would lead me to at least approach my next work with that in mind. For example making the focus perhaps a pair of siblings like a brother/sister duo or some such. No matter how I go about it I should at the very least present some other elements that all my kids can enjoy. Not saying I plan to try to cater to all of them because that could get messy fast. Rather, it is more probable that I will work in some more moments for a little girl to shine in as well as a boy.

The biggest thing that I am struggling with however is what some might think to be the simplest choice. And to be blunt it might normally be. It's the theme or genre with which to work in. This last piece was specifically requested by my son and based off an idea I had while reading a similar story to him. But if I do go forward with more stories(and I have been already told I must do so) then I have to start with the idea of what kind of story it will be.

A few of the possible things that come to mind was a fantasy or science fiction themed tale. Either could prove exciting and entertaining to kids, especially if you forgo the cliched and over-used elements. It would be rewarding in it's own right to see sparked an interest in such stories in any child's eyes. There could be wondrous dragons and fiendish wizards to describe to captivated stares. Or just as easily laser blasted fire fights, and silly robot sidekicks. The possibilities are kind of endless to be fair.

And that doesn't even include taking into consideration all manner of other types of stories. I will admit thought that any real attempt at anything involving horror etc. isn't even on the list of options. That is one thing I just don't see as being appropriate for small children for a bedtime routine.

My son had already made a demand of me to begin a new story right away after finishing the last one. But he also said he wanted one about Transformers: Beast Wars right down to using all the licensed characters. Not really sure how I feel about that one to be frank. Perhaps if it was a generic transforming robot story or something.

I even admit it has crossed my mind to try a children's story set within my Requiem universe. But something tells me that may be a bit self-servicing, even if it would be an interesting challenge.

Well, I could always ask my kids later to see what they might like - and more than likely will. But I would also welcome any other input! So, what do you think? What kind of theme/setting do you think could be entertaining to children? I would also love to hear what anyone thought of my little experiment as well. Did you enjoy the story? Do you think it works well as a children's story?