Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 28.

- Episode 28 -

It was so very dark in the box. Not even Jack's own glow seemed to be shedding any light at all. It was just blackness all around him, it just didn't end. Fear held him tight like a steel chain that refused to even let him breath it felt like. As he became scared he could feel his power slipping away. Very soon he wouldn't be able to do anything and right now there wasn't anything he could do.

"I'm sorry everyone," Jack apologized. "I tried to do my best but I guess I just didn't do good enough." A single scream pierced through the emptiness, it was Kim! His friends still needed his help. But Mr. Graves said they would be okay, he had promised. "No! I made the biggest mistake in the book; you never trust a bad guy!"

Black claws reached into the air all around Kim and Ben as Mr. Graves enjoyed the complete terror on their faces. "Help us!" they pleaded and begged. Locked away within a prison of darkest night Jack could hear their screams. It called to the very core of him and instinct demanded he act.

Blinding white light slammed out of him and exploded against the black walls until they shattered into bits. "Let my friends go, now!" Jack demanded with eyes that burned like white hot suns. He could never truly be afraid if someone he cared for was in danger, for he had the heart of a hero.

And now Mr. Graves was going to have a lesson of his own - he was going to learn just what that meant. Power flooded through Jack and his light was already building brighter and brighter. "Last chance, Mr. Graves," Jack reminded his teacher.

"Time to finish this," Jack thought to himself. He had decided, once and for all that no matter what it took he was going to end this right now.