Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 18.

- Episode 18 -

Slow and steady the sun began to slide down in the sky, ready to turn it's attention to other places. As the fiery orb gracefully said it's daily goodbye people went about their days like they always did. Shadows lengthened and street lights began to flicker on.

For Mr. Graves though, it was a magical time. He could hear a sweet music in the air as the daylight faded. No matter what people told themselves, there was always a part of them that still feared the night and it's darkness. And it was just that fear that Mr. Graves found to be simply delicious.

"Hmm," the shadowy Mr. Graves whispered to himself. "Maybe a snack is in order, I do feel rather hungry." The idea sounded too delightful to ignore, so with a grin Mr. Graves decided to leave the basement. He began to twist and melt as his shape changed until he was just so much darkness in the room. In a flash he poured out of the windows and up to the streets.

Hissing he soon discovered how uncomfortable bright street lights could be. Getting near one made his skin sting and burn. It was almost as annoying as having to listen to those kids in his class day in and day out. Furious he concentrated on wanting to smash the street lights and as he watched shadows formed into black bird shapes. They circled up into the air and in seconds the street light exploded.

The relief washed over Mr. Graves and he sighed. That did feel so much better! But there would be more bright lights all over town and now he felt even hungrier. He would have to do something about all the lights before he could begin hunting through town for that irritating boy.

Just then Mr. Graves began to giggle. If something were to happen to the big power lines to the town then all the lights would go out. But first, wasn't it almost time for that young lady to be walking home? Yes, he was sure it was. He could wait to have a quick snack first, after all he was going to have a busy night.