Sunday, March 17, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 23.

- Episode 23 -

In a slow ripple hope began to spark to life as other people could see a brave little boy standing alone against monsters of shadow. An entire town had gone dark and outside the hospital was a single light that defied the night. As it spread Jack could feel his own power growing, but he could also still sense the spreading blanket of darkness.

"Smile!" Jack said with a chuckle. One quick pulse of power and an enormous flash exploded in the air above him. It was like a hundred photographer flashes all going off at once. "Aww," Jack remarked to himself, "they forgot to say cheese." In a single blinding moment he had wiped out the last of the dark dogs that had been left. He could feel the drain it had taken on him though, if not for the surge of hope he might not have managed it on his own.

But, Mr. Graves was still out there. Jack didn't have any idea what he was up to but he could feel the cold fear drifting through the town. Even with the power out and so many people scared though, there was still a growing warmth of hope. Because there was still a source of light to drive back the dark. It made Jack smile, the idea that he really could do it. He could be a hero, just like the Force Guardians.

"I've got to find Mr. Graves," Jack told himself. "Before he hurts anyone else." The thought reminded him he still had no idea how Kim or Ben were. And if his teacher had been looking for him he might go after his friends. That is what the bad guys always did on Force Guardians and if anything Mr. Graves was just as bad - or worse than them.

Behind him Dad leaned over to whisper in his Mom's ear. "Told you honey, he's a brave little man with a huge heart. I always knew he would do something special one day." Neither of them had ever expected anything like this though, and the night was not over yet.