Friday, March 1, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 9.

- Episode 9 -

Dinner was delicious! Mom always fixed some of the best tasting food Jack could ever remember eating. Even Walter had been nice to him, offered to tell him the answers to his homework and everything. But something about the way he said it made Jack think maybe it wasn't the best idea though. It probably had to do with Walter trying to keep from giggling - he didn't do it very well.

"Now Walter," his Mom said quietly without looking up from her plate. Normally that meant she was warning you to listen closely cause if she had to speak louder you'd be in big trouble. Dad might yell when you were going to be in trouble, but Mom didn't. In a way it was kind of even scarier.

Jack could even remember one time when he was little Walter had accidentally tossed his ball in the house and it broke a really old fancy plate Mom had on a shelf. When Walter tried to blame him, he could barely hear Mom whisper "Walter, come here please." He got in loads of trouble that time. This time Dad interrupted, "leave him be Walter, we've all had to learn to be brave at some time or another."

"Sorry Jack," Walter muttered. It was Mom's turn to hide a little giggle as she covered her mouth while Dad gave her a look. "Sorry, honey," she said after a pause. "Maybe Jack can help you with your fears after he overcomes his!" Laughing to herself she started clearing the table and headed for the sink.

Even Dad was still afraid of something? The thought was sort of shocking to Jack, Dad was supposed to be like Superman. How could he be scared of anything? One glance at the back door and Jack forgot all about what he had been thinking. It was already getting dark out, that meant it was time for homework.

Time to be brave.