Wednesday, March 13, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 21.

- Episode 21 -

Speeding through the endless patches of darkness that blanketed the town Mr. Graves raced his way toward the hospital. He had felt one of his little pets as it was destroyed and the fact made him curious. Whatever it was he had to know, up until now nothing had managed to be a threat to these incredible new powers he had.

A single light greeted Mr. Graves as he slipped up closer to the hospital. It hung in the air just above the doorway to the building and it's very presence was an irritation. Carefully he studied the light; it wasn't part of the building and it clearly wasn't a streetlight. But where was it coming from? Was it this strange light that had defeated his shadowy servant?

Lost in thought, Mr. Graves was startled when his eye caught sight of a small figure as it moved just under the hovering mini-moon. It was a little boy, he was still in his sock feet and a hospital gown! "Oh what wonderful luck," Mr. Graves thought to himself. Here before him, helpless and all alone he realized was none other than that annoying brat - Jack.

Reaching out Mr. Graves called to his night hounds and brought them to him. He almost wanted to giggle to himself as he sent a pair of his pets charging in to attack. But almost instantly his grin vanished when Jack turned to face the approaching dogs of darkness. "I'm not scared of you," Jack roared as he threw his hands out in front of him. Each hand exploded into a blast of white hot light that rocketed straight into the hounds vaporizing them.

And then Jack looked past the monsters that had attacked him to see Mr. Graves surrounded by dozens more. "Look out Mr. Graves, those things aren't safe," Jack yelled. Furious, Mr. Graves could only see a child who was still defying him. A child who had to pay.

Melting back into the deeper darkness Mr. Graves pointed his finger at Jack as his pets swarmed towards Jack. "Destroy him," he commanded. Jack watched as his former teacher vanished but he didn't have time to chase him. He was going to have to deal with this mob of monsters first. Then, he was going to have to find and stop Mr. Graves. If he could make things as bad as these shadow dogs, then Jack knew it would only be a matter of time before he did worse things.