Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 22.

- Episode 22 -

Dogs of darkness rushed and began to circle around Jack until they became a blur of black. It always seemed easier when the Force Guardians dealt with monsters like this. But, then again, they were a whole team of heroes. Jack was just one little boy.

"Let's light things up," Jack said with a smile. He had to admit it was kind of fun to say it and it was the kind of thing he always saw superheroes do on T.V. In a bright flash Jack's skin started to glow brighter and he could see clearly now that these shadow monsters didn't like it one bit. Growling, they leaped from all around him trying to claw and bite at Jack. Each time he could feel the cold touch of the empty darkness they were made from. With every attack some of the beasts were destroyed while others circled back around to try again.

The longer the monsters attacked the more Jack could feel himself getting tired. He was going to have to do something else to speed things up. These things were moving to fast for him to try to blast them all one by one. He couldn't risk using up all his energy like that especially if he missed, then he might be powerless against these creatures.

"Light-bulb!" Jack roared aloud as an idea struck him. He had just remembered stick fighting with Walter in the back yard because his brother had taken all his toy darts for his dart gun. With a thought he formed a shinning sword of starlight in his hand and held it up to face Mr. Graves pesky pets. Slashing and moving he fought to strike at the shadows as they continued to attack him. But still he could feel the chill of the darkness draining him, he could feel himself starting to become afraid.

"I can't believe I said light-bulb, I'm starting to sound like Dad," Jack joked while he tried to catch his breath. There was still a few more dogs of darkness left and it was becoming so hard to keep his light going. He was just getting so tired and cold.

Hope sparked to life from a window behind Jack, and as he felt it it washed over him with warmth. Wiping a single tear from her cheek, Mom watched filled with hope as her brave little boy faced the dark he had feared for so long. The surge charged Jack's light even brighter.

Time to introduce these shadows to what happens when you turn the light on.