Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 29.

- Episode 29 -

There was no room left for fear inside Jack, his heart was a pulsing white hot engine of courage and determination. He watched as Mr. Graves angrily tossed Kim and Ben to the ground. This wouldn't be as easy as fighting off a whole horde of hounds like before, Mr. Graves was smart and mean. Jack knew he would have to be careful, so he covered himself in armor of light complete with a blazing sword and shining shield.

"Let's see just how you handle someone who isn't afraid of you - somebody who can fight back!" Jack challenged Mr. Graves. Already shadows were swirling around him like a sinister swarm. Dark claws tore and slashed at him as Mr. Graves tried to find an opening to hurt Jack. There was still so much fear in the town, so many people scared that there really was monsters in the dark waiting to get them.

Jack stood his ground with his shield up and only cut at the shadows that managed to get too close. With each strike the strands of black would vanish and Mr. Graves became even more angry. But while Kim and Ben watched they saw Jack fighting Mr. Graves and he wasn't even scared. If Jack could stand up to Mr. Graves then they could too, there was no reason for them to be scared anymore.

The less fear there was, the weaker Mr. Graves became. He needed it, desperate he tried anything he could think of to scare them. The teacher of terror tried to change his shape into a giant nightmarish monster but it wasn't working. Too many people all over town had seen Jack's flare's of light and even now they could see his bright glow pushing back the thickest darkness. Hope was spreading.

With a mighty swing Jack chopped a huge part of the shadow monster Mr. Graves had become. He didn't even pause, he just kept up his attack - kept cutting and spinning like a whirlwind of light. Darkness vanished in flashes and puffs as Mr. Graves himself started to be afraid for once.

"Time to face the light of day!" Jack yelled. The brightest explosion of light ripped forth out of him and it was almost like the very sun itself had just rocketed right up into the sky. Only a tiny sliver of shadow managed to flutter out of the way and into a drain. And as Jack fell to the ground exhausted to be claimed by a deep sleep he almost thought he heard Mr. Graves voice. It was so very faint but it almost sounded like he said "This isn't over!"

But Jack was already helplessly fast asleep.