Monday, March 18, 2013

A Light In The Dark - Episode 24.

- Episode 24 -

Moving through the night like a liquid shadow Mr. Graves hunted for something he was sure would help him get his revenge. He knew for sure that little James or Jack or whatever his name was was friends with those other two kids. That annoying know-it-all girl had pestered him after getting to class early, insisting that she be allowed to sit directly behind him. And then there was that little cowardly kid - what was his name? Speedy or something like that.

Yes, he was sure those two were close to the bothersome boy. The boy who even now was struggling to overcome a whole pack of his delightful little play things. These new powers were just so deliciously wonderful, and he couldn't help but notice how the more afraid everyone became the stronger he was becoming.

He couldn't leave this task up to mindless shadows, no - he was going to see to these two personally.  "Now, if I am not mistaken," Mr. Graves told himself. "That other boy lived right around the corner here." But he had to pause and think for a moment about the girl. "I believe the girl is a couple streets over."

Ben was easy enough for Mr. Graves to find - he was the most terrified kid on his block. He was shivering under a bed sheet when thick strands of darkness wrapped around him and pulled him to Mr. Graves.  But just as he tucked the black blob behind him an upsetting feeling settled into his stomach.

Jack had just wiped out all of his night hounds that he had left to take care of him. That was impossible! And why did it feel like there was a growing warm feeling pushing back the fear? Oh, that child was becoming far too annoying! But once he had little miss smarty-pants he would make him suffer.

Mr. Graves hadn't forgotten that day in class. Oh, no, indeed he remembered quite well the look of terror on the young man's face. It was much like the look on another boy's face. And he knew just how to punish little boys like that.