Monday, April 1, 2013

Steel Dragoons - Part 4.

- Part 4 -

The squad had never stood a chance, even with the advance warning from Alwyn there had simply not been enough time. While they quickly scrambled to check sensor scans and available intel a missile lock had already been established. They simply had not been prepared for the possibility.

It had merely been standard procedure to deploy Alwyn first to scout the layout first. Otherwise they would have all deployed and engaged everyone and everything they deemed a threat. All the reports had shown was some hostile forces, no hint of advanced weapons or anti-armor capability.

Alwyn charged ahead, switching his visual overlay to filter various data out. He quickly took note of each target as he detected them and marked their location. Already he was forming a battle plan on how to engage his foes and while it wasn't all that complicated he was sure it would be effective.

Carefully he placed a set of three mines and primed them before moving on. "Where two would do, it is best to use three," he reminded himself. A couple of grenades would be sure to get things moving so he lobbed a couple towards where the missiles had been launched. They detonated in a wave of intense heat while Alwyn was once again moving to another position. Just as expected he passed near one of his fleeing prey and paused long enough to let fly a mass slug. It flashed from his rifle like a bolt as it accelerated into a white hot projectile that neatly removed a good portion of his targets chest.

Three distinct explosions erupted to Alwyn's right side. Precisely as he had figured his mines had dealt with the rest of the forces as they moved to try and cut him off. Or at least where they had assumed he would have been. Someone should have educated these guys better - didn't they know what happens when you assume?

"Secure channel, orbital relay," Alwyn instructed his armor's built in communications array. "This is Spec. Swyft, requesting immediate extraction. Situation has been dealt with. Over." After a moments delay he heard his confirmation, although it didn't ease his fury any. "Copy that, pick up is inbound, hold tight Spec. Swyft."

Alwyn wasn't sure who would be de-briefing who when he made it back. Somebody was going to have to give him some answers about how so much had been overlooked. And he was going to sniff out the truth of the matter one way or another. After all, hunting things down was his specialty.