Saturday, April 27, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 30.

- Episode 30 -

Suddenly pain throbbed on the very air around him, Camden didn't even realize he was breathing again as he fought to keep from screaming. Hot pressure slammed against him and felt like a wall of lava was falling down on him. Everything before him blurred out of focus and Camden had to fight to even find his feet beneath him.

The blade in his hand burned with an intense pain and the band on his left wrist ached against his flesh. Something deep within him seemed to spark to life given form by his courage. A slumbering power from within the small blade rose to spread through him and together with the power of his little shield he could feel it push everything back. The pain lessened and with it his vision became clearer.

Whatever it was that was raining down ruin upon them he could now see was focused in front of him. He could see it now, this strange green spiked blaze of power was blasting the beast from somewhere above them. As he watched the creature melted from one strange form into another and as it did shadowy strands of energy swirled around it. The thing should be destroyed in all that deadly torrent and instead it was shifting, becoming some sinister shadow that was already threatening to slip away.

Something fluttered into Camden's view from the corner of his eye; at first he had trouble making it out before the sickening realization struck him. Things were slipping free from the vault, some drifted into orbit around the creature while others sped their way off into the distance. If Camden could see even this much of what was happening he had to wonder what Trinity was feeling.

He couldn't see things the way she seemed to, he was blind to the ebb and flow of magic. But what he could see though was more of the things he had seen from within the Vault which he figured he shouldn't be seeing out here. What he still couldn't see was Trinity or Mal though, his field of view was dominated by the struggling chaos between them. Even the dragon was beyond his sight, he was truly lost as to if the blast had caught them as well.

And then he heard the scream. It was Trinity, the sound and pitch of her voice was unmistakable to him. Camden didn't think twice before setting out straight back towards his sister monster or no monster.