Monday, April 8, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 11.

- Episode 11 -

Old Mal was already busying himself fixing breakfast for his guests. He hoped some of his livestock wasn't in a particularly grumpy mood today, especially his cantankerous old steed; Percival. That grumpy old horse was often ill tempered and prone to never behaving himself for anyone except Mal. As he lit the the stove, Mal made a gesture in the air and wished his visitors luck.

"So what is your glorious plan for today, oh wise and magnificent Camden?" Trinity mocked her brother while she picked something out of her hair. She would love to know what he figured on doing about this new turn of events. Especially considering it was his idea to stay here for the night when he refused to listen to her.

"As much as I can't stand doing actual work," Camden began to speak as he watched the sun rising in the sky. "I hate hearing your I told you so's as much as your offers to solve the problem for me. So, I reckon we'll just bite the bolt and do a few silly chores for this old coot. He did offer a meal and then we'll be on our way."

Trinity had to blink for a second as it all sank in. Did Camden just seriously agree not only to actually doing real work, but also just think it over? Oh, wait, it quickly occurred to her that he had also pointed out that he despised hearing her say i told you so. With a sigh of relief Trinity realized her brother hadn't changed overnight on her - he just wasn't about to admit she had been right.

"I'll start with the feeding Trin, you see if you can find a shovel," Camden told her with a laugh. He was already out the door and heading towards what had to serve as the barn. Trinity groaned with frustration, she wasn't about to let him get off with the easy work. She had to sprint to catch up with him and managed only just to do as the both of them reached the barn door.

This shouldn't be too difficult they both thought as they looked around them. Most of the stalls were empty, save for a handful of chickens, a tired cow that almost looked ancient, and a massive horse. Camden had never seen such a strong looking horse before, at least not up this close. He was sure it had to be able to easily carry at least two maybe even three knights in full armor and then some. But as he reached up to touch the majestic creature it stomped it hooves and jerked it's head angrily.

"On second thought, you can feed them Trin," Camden said shakily. Let her deal with the temperamentally thing, he certainly wasn't about to get himself kicked by anything with legs that huge. He didn't wait for his sister to agree before he started looking around for the shovel.

Trinity was about to say something to pick on her brother but instead found herself curious at what had changed his mind. She looked up and into the horse's big dark eyes and felt a strange tickle from where her pendant now hung. Something strange and far away seemed to be trying to tell her something and for a second she thought she could hear the rustle of pages.

But when she opened her mouth to speak it wasn't words that came out. Instead, Trinity found herself still gazing up at the creature as a soothing song flowed out of her and washed over the animal. Where moments before it had been agitated and reluctant to allow anyone to touch him, now it seemed calm and friendly. How had she done that? She had sung many a song over the years but never anything that caused any manner of reaction like this.

"Hurry up Trin," Camden called to her. "How long does it take to toss some food in there anyways?" The question made her wonder just how long she had been standing there as well. Trinity quickly shook it from her mind and tried to quickly finish up. The thought of a good meal sounded wonderful to her, which meant Camden was probably starving too. And he was never known to be the most patient person in the world. If she wanted to make sure that he didn't try to eat both their food then she best finish.

Once they were both done the two raced straight for the house. But for Trinity something else was weighing on her mind other than just a fresh meal.