Friday, April 19, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 22.

- Episode 22 -

Circling overhead Lady Adriana screeched merrily; everything was going according to her plan. It wouldn't be long now before these fleeing fools led her directly to the Vault. Even now it seemed to call to her, she could almost feel it bleeding out dark magic. All she had to do was be patient and very soon she could reopen the Vault to unleash it's magic.

It did feel so very good to beat her wings upon the air, to soar and drift through breeze. Her eyes narrowed and she could track her prey even at this distance - an always enjoyable perk of this form. They were racing off into the distance heading for Shimmer-Stone River, how interesting. Either they were already on their way to the Vault or that old man with them was trying to be cunning enough to try and first lead them on a false trail.

How delightful, Adriana cooed to herself at such a playful notion. This was becoming more and more amusing. First she would have to deal with those two idiots, who apparently were struggling to free themselves from some simple tangle vines. Frustrated she swooped down to hurry them up before her prey escaped her. It wouldn't do to track them if her pursuing pets weren't able to keep them reminded of the urgency of their plight. They could go to ground and hide or decide to fortify themselves somewhere. That was something that simply wouldn't do, not at all.

A moment before her talons touched dirt Lady Adriana bid her flesh to flow and began to shift her form once more. Thatch and Cobble watched in terror as the familiar bird-like form began to change into that of some hideously muscled hulk of a brute. It stood several heads taller than either of them, a thick scaly hide coated it's bulk and razor edged claws gleamed like daggers on it's hands. With a deafening roar it began to rend at the thick growth restraining them and within moments they were free.

Even though such a monstrous beast shouldn't be able to it opened it's mouth and spoke, a clear reminder that it was still Lady Adriana standing before them. "After them you wretches before I decide to make a meal of you!" For a second Thatch and Cobble had almost forgotten it was Lady Adriana, so terrible was the sight of the colossal creature.

They watched as her body began to swirl and flow like a strange liquid to reshape itself back into it's previous flying form before it leapt back to the sky. Both of them couldn't help by shake with obvious fear. "Thatch," Cobble nervously stammered. "I am honestly scared of this Lady, I don't think I want to be around when those people lead her where she wants them to."

"Me either, Cobb but I don't think I want to be on the end of her wrath should we refuse to help her drive them on their way either." Thatch always did seem to have a way with making a good point. As much as he didn't want to be around at the end he definitely wanted to be alive long enough to have the chance to avoid it. Reluctantly Thatch and Cobble guided the pack of primal predators to follow the trail and prayed they might be fortunate enough to stay on the Lady's good side. They only hoped that she did actually have one.