Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 5.

- Episode 5 -

A warm splash silenced both Camden and Trinity as they said their own little hello's to the Pool of Tears. The fall itself was scary enough but at least they could say they no longer had an agitated farmer stalking them. Either he figured it foolish to venture to close to the sacred pool or that the fall had taken care of the thieves he chased.

It really was kinda nice down here though, Camden had to admit. The water was warm and crystal clear, if a little salty, which was weird but he figured maybe that was part of why they named it what they did. With a moment to catch his breath he didn't care where he had ended up, since he didn't have a farmer hot on his heels.

That is, until he noticed in their fall the roasted chicken had been tragically destroyed. Being carried in a full run during a wild chase and then crashing into a pool of water may not have been something the once tasty meal was meant to survive. Camden figured he should of been happy the two of them had managed it.

"Look what you have done now," he snapped at Trinity as he tried to hold up the mangled remains of the chicken. "I go to all the trouble to get your favorite breakfast and you ruin a perfectly good meal." Camden was not about to thank his sister for saving both of their hides, but he had no problem blaming her for his grumbling belly.

"Me," Trinity objected instantly, "who stole that food without even thinking about how he might get away with it? You always do this Cam," Trinity began to explain. "Every time you act without thinking and then we have to run for our necks. You're just lucky I thought of this place when I did." She knew her little brother was never going to change, much less thank her let alone apologize.

"How did you know about this place," Camden asked her as it occurred to him he wasn't sure how she could of known. It wasn't exactly the kind of thing he expected her to know about. "I read about it in a book once," Trinity answered as she made her way to the pool's edge. "We should start to make our way back up and find our way out of here."

"Yeah, Yeah," Camden agreed as he started to follow her. He couldn't help but notice though that the light down here looked funny. Well, at least he could say both of them had managed to get a bath this morning. With a grin they both wadded their way up out of the pool and giggled at how they were both cleaner than usual.

Little did they know the two now carried the blessing of the Pool of Tears, and the whole of the forest now watched them as they left.