Saturday, April 13, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 16.

- Episode 16 -

"Hey, Cobble," Thatch made sure to keep his voice low and pointed over to an old farm house. "Look, there is a boy over there, all by himself," he whispered while rubbing at his chin. Cobble was quite used to the gesture, it generally meant to him that his vertically gifted peer was deep in contemplation. "Didn't the farmer say it was a pair of 'little thieves' that stole from him?"

Cobble had to try really hard to remember what the farmer had said but he couldn't seem to. So he just shrugged his reply at Thatch before deciding to add a simple; "I dunno, I forget." As usual Thatch responded with a groan of exasperation before chiding Cobble. "You know, if you paid just a half a grain of attention some times we might not get into these messes!"

After a few long moments the two watched the boy draw a small weapon and begin hacking and bobbing around some wooden poles. Whatever he was doing was lost on both of them but there he was out here alone. "Even if this isn't one of the two the farmer spoke of, this farm is too close to not check it out," Thatch asserted. "We'll grab the brat and question him. Either they have the key the Baron needs or they at least maybe know something about who might passed this way."

Arrogant and assured of their superiority Thatch hefted up a makeshift club. "I'll give him a good whack and you tie him up," instructed Thatch. Cobble pulled out a long length of rope and nodded, he did so prefer these simple plans. "Ready," Cobble grunted.

The two inept minions charged up and out of the brush towards Camden crunching twigs underfoot as they went. Like a lightning bolt Camden's head jerked around to notice two figures racing towards him. One with a club in and hand and the other rope - it didn't take a scholar to guess the pairs intentions.

Without a moment to lose, Camden threw himself into motion deciding to trust in his own instincts. He knew there wasn't time to stop and think about what to do. Thatch slammed down towards him hard with his club trying to knock the boy to the ground. But he didn't expect the resistance of some unseen force from Camden's left arm. The moment of confusion was all he needed to roll aside.

Immediately Camden spotted the rope and slashed at it with his blade severing it in two. It was Cobble's turn to be bewildered as a short "huh?" escaped him. Seizing upon the opportunity Camden grabbed at the end of the rope pitched his momentum into a wide slide that carried him behind his attackers.

Thatch and Cobble fell hard on their backs to land in the dirt. Furious they fought to regain their balance and stand. "You're gonna pay for that kid!" snapped Thatch whose face now began to burn red. Camden knew he had managed to get lucky so far and as he watched Cobble set his jaw it became clear. These two were determined to take him, and without some help soon they might just succeed.

Surely Mal or Trinity had heard something and would be here any minute Camden figured. Right?