Saturday, April 6, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 9.

- Episode 9 -

"It'll be getting dark soon Cam, we really should be finding a place to bed down for the night." Trinity was right, of course, but it didn't mean Camden had to like it, or make it easy on her. "It isn't dark yet though Trin, we could still make it a little further before we do." Trinity begrudgingly nodded to her brother and the two continued on through the forest.

"Why can't you ever just accept that sometimes I am right?" she asked Camden's back. "That is an easy one; it's cause your always playing it way too safe. If we only listened to you then we would never have any fun or find half the opportunities for adventure that we do. Besides, you would of never even picked up these things, would you?"

Trinity did have to stop and think about that one. She honestly couldn't say she would have just picked them up, even if they had been left there without anyone around. Who knows who they had belonged to or what kind of trouble they could bring. But Camden had already taken them and something told her there wasn't any returning them now. Not that she could really bring herself to consider parting with them now. They had kind of grown on her already and felt important to her. She couldn't resist the idea now that they belonged to her as much as she might belong to them.

"Do you wonder maybe why these things were tossed aside like they were? Or, I don't know, get curious what those two were even doing with them? It doesn't seem like something normal, does it?" Always worrying, always asking question - that was his sister for you thought Camden.

"Quit being so concerned! They were asleep and had thrown these things away, it is that simple. This was just stuff they didn't want any more or something, why would that be a problem? Probably they should of thanked us for taking it for them." The sun was starting to pass behind the hills to the west, making Camden secretly have to admit to himself that his sister had been right.

"Hey, Trin, it looks like it is getting dark already. I got an idea, maybe we should head over there to that old granary to hide for the night." Camden didn't want to bother thinking to hard about the matter, to him it just seemed like a good idea. They would need shelter for the night and that right there was obviously some shelter they could make use of.

"And you honestly don't think the farmer there will mind when come morning he finds two strange children asleep in his granary?" Trinity pointed out. "Details, details," Camden complained with a groan. "I doubt that thing is even used much anymore, and besides we'll be awake and long gone before some old farmer finds us. That is if there is even anyone still working this farm at all."

Trinity couldn't agree with her brother on this one. He obviously wasn't even really thinking anything through but the last light of day was quickly fading so arguing seemed pointless. They needed a place to sleep and here was a place, regardless of what it might mean for them come morning. With a sigh she motioned for Camden to lead the way.

"Let's get some rest then," she admitted. "And I hope that for once your right." "Trust me," Camden replied as they slipped inside. "What could possibly happen? It'll be fine." Trinity hated it when he said that.