Friday, April 26, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 29.

- Episode 29 -

Power hung on the air as Baron Samael held a ready word waiting on his lips, his staff in hand and a spell already drawn back like a hunter's bow. His deadly aim trained on the thing that had been Lady Adriana as he watched every moment as his sorcerer senses revealed to him that something else was reshaping her. "How very fitting, my dear," the Baron cooed. Jade light arced, lancing its way down his staff as it began building and focusing into a bright point of illumination.

Baron Samael grimly concentrated the spells building forces, bidding them into being and waited. Already the insidious Lady was wounded and doubling back, the battle completely seizing her attention. The Baron could leisurely allow himself the precious long moments to savor his vengeance before he struck.

Curiously though, Lady Adriana halted her flight to change tactics in mid-stride and began to circle to her left. The beast moved with it's unharmed right side guarding it's left as already shadowy wisps were swirling, attempting to conjure forth fresh flesh. "No," Mal roared, launching himself into motion to intercept her. "She aims to out flank us Camden," he fought to explain their desperate need to stop the beast to the boy. "She will kill Trinity," Mal spat, certain that nothing more might else need be said.

The old knight had been right, that single fear sent Camden surging forward. Everything else stopped existing instantly for Camden, there was only himself and the monster. For him each passing breath seemed painfully long as he closed the distance in a dash. Even the creatures swift motion felt slow to Camden who already was moving in a course of action that he himself had no clue as to what it might hold.

With a hard pounding that sent shock waves up from the balls of his feet into his legs Camden planted his footing firmly into the dirt and pushed off hard. His momentum and speed vaulting him forward into the air on a collision path towards the things face. There wasn't time for regrets or a change of plan as he sailed through the air. Camden kept his left arm tightly tucked up before him and as the unseen force slammed home against the things terrible face threw all his weight into an arced spin. The impact combined with his propelled force to send him swinging around the stunned foe, a flick of his wrist allowing him to bite down and drag his stout blade along it shoulder. Gravity aided the gambit driving the wound downward and slowing his harsh decent.

Camden slammed into the ground thrown completely off balance to find himself strangely searching for his breath. Somehow it had escaped him, lost as he impacted the dirt. Struggling to both find his feet and some measure of air Camden tried to roll aside.

Seizing upon the moment like a gleaming gemstone of opportunity Baron Samael let slip the single waiting syllable of his spell. It's deadly hum exploding to life to race downward in a violent burst of magic that was trained directly upon Lady Adrian.

Mal didn't even have time for a curse to pass his lips before the bright flash of light swept in front of him, blanketing both the beast and Camden from his vision.