Monday, April 29, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 32.

- Episode 32 -

With all this raw evil magic permeating everything Trinity wasn't sure how long before it might start effecting them. But she didn't have to wonder about what would happen if they stayed here much longer. Either the malevolent maelstrom that had been a scaly-hided monster would turn on them, or the source of sorcery from above would change tactics and decide to level everything. Neither were really on her list of 'make-me-happy' options.

No, Trinity had already decided that their only real avenue for escape laid squarely with her magic. She wasn't entirely certain exactly what might happen surrounded by so much dark power. Whatever it was it was worth trying because there wasn't any way she could see Mal or Camden fighting their way clear. And even if the dragon was in better shape she just couldn't see it getting them clear either.

Even with it's wings the silver-clawed sentinel simply wasn't big enough to carry all of them to safety. Besides, even if it could they could never leave Percival behind. But if she could use her magic to somehow allow the stubborn steed to take to the sky as well then perhaps they would have a chance.

Pages ruffled to an unseen breeze as Trinity scanned through her book looking for just the right thing. It wasn't easy, it took her a few moments to concentrate her efforts to focus her search for what she needed. As she hunted with her mind she could sense tangible terrors that eagerly probed at her looking for any opening. Their very presence was frightening enough but Trinity reserved herself to the fact that others were relying on her.

Trinity forced herself deeper into the book, allowing her determined need to drive the pursuit. Answering her a page began to fill with soft and delicate words that rolled off her tongue like the spring scent of sweet honeysuckle. Strands of pearly light began to take shape that drifted over them like a veil of moonlight. As the magic wove itself to life, carried aloft by her song it delicately started crafting gossamer wings upon Percival's sides.

The purity at the heart of her magic defied the tainted energies around them, driving it back with a hiss that punctuated it's displeasure. Even the dragon seemed affected, it's eyes brightening as a small measure of strength returned to it. Percival complained with a snort before Mal settled himself back in the saddle and took hold of the reins prompting the loyal steed to silence.

"I don't know how long I can hold this so we best hurry," Trinity explained, her voice strained. Camden found himself staring up into the blazing eyes of the dragon as a thought occurred to him as well. "We have to get away from here so we can warn people, to help them," he said quietly. "It isn't safe here and I can't leave you, will you come with us," Camden asked nervously, a quiver in his tone.

In answer the noble creature bowed it's neck and offered it's back to Camden. There was no questioning the action for Camden who instantly found a grip and climbed upon the dragon's back. As they left the ground in a chorus of flapping wings it was Mal who raised a concern of his own. "What are we going to do about that," he asked gesturing towards the sorcerer in the sky.

"Trying to concentrate here," Trinity chided trying to not break her focus on the spell. "Less worry, more hurry," Camden quoted at Mal who broke out with a nervous chuckle. With any luck, he hoped Trinity could hold this together long enough for them to escape. Even if she did though, he couldn't shake the worry of what everything that was happening would mean.