Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 27.

- Episode 27 -

Lady Adriana seethed with furious rage as her talon-toes touched down. Somehow those pesky children and the old oaf had managed to escape her. And what was worse is they had done so under her very nose. They had to be close, she could feel the growing current of malevolent magical seeping out around her. It had to be the Vault of Echoes!

The power was growing deeper and saturating everything like an abyss made tangible. She could feel it reaching into her, slowly pulling her in like quicksand tugging down a helpless traveler. But she was far from helpless, oh that was certain. Lady Adriana had to be ready, if they reopened the door she could ambush them and win her way inside the Vault. The fools would never see it coming, and then so many precious sources of dark power would be hers for the taking.

Her form twisted and transformed returning to the guise of a muscled monstrosity. This time though the ambient forces infusing the fabric of reality around her wove their way into her shifting form. Scales of pure emerald glistened in the sunlight before shadows clouded their color to form a darker charcoal black hue. Where once her claws had shined like vicious daggers now she found darkened steel-tipped spears eager for blood. Raw strength rippled through her and she drank it in like an intoxicating thrill until it overrode every sense.

As the Vault began to open once more it was cold inhuman eyes that leveled their fiendish gaze upon it. The sight of her prey drove a primal scream out of her, pure animal challenge. What answered her wasn't what she expected however, as another form stumbled forward into the light to stand in her way. A part of her tried to reason how a dragon had suddenly appeared from within the Vault but was quickly lost to a sea of bestial instinct.

"I will kill you," Lady Adriana tried to triumphantly declare but instead found herself snarling through snapping saliva dripping jaws. Weakly the dragon raised it's head and whimpered an attempted roar in reply. Stepping out from the courageous creature was Camden his bright little blade already to hand.

The decision for him had never truly been one, he didn't have to think things through like his sister. He wouldn't leave the dragon behind to die sick and alone within the Vault. And he certainly wasn't about to let it fight by itself to protect him or the Vault. Camden would leave the thinking to Trinity, let her decide if he was right or wrong later. Right now he was going to do what he did best and that was whatever felt right to him.

This felt right to him, it felt heroic, and being a hero was something Camden had always wanted to be.