Thursday, April 4, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 7.

- Episode 7 -

After traveling for what seemed like forever Camden and Trinity finally decided to stop and rest. And just to be safe they tucked themselves under an old fallen tree that was partially hollow. At least that way if the two sleepers had tried to follow them they wouldn't be easy to spot.

"You're still doing it, Cam!" Trinity fussed at him. He didn't even seem to hear her as he dumped his bundle down on the ground. Camden smiled one of his big silly grins as he held up two of the items. "Look, Trin, I got you a present," he proclaimed as if he had just returned from the city market triumphant. She was about to correct him but when the light caught what he was offering her she lost her train of thought.

"Oh, thank you Cam," she said with a squeal as she accepted his pseudo-gifts. It was a simple book with a faint etching of a horn on the cover and a silver and ivory pendant. Trinity had always adored both books and jewelry but they were the kind of gifts one gave to a noble lady or someone wealthy enough to purchase them for themselves. It wasn't something a kid on their own would ever have.

As she inspected her new-found treasure she couldn't help but spot a smudge of dirt. Those two they had come across most likely had pawed over this prize with their dirty hands before throwing it aside like garbage. "Uneducated mongrels," Trinity muttered to herself. The very notion that anyone could treat a book in such a way was utter insult, at least to her.

The hem of her dress was still partially damp, she was certain she could at least wipe it down and get some of the dirt off. While she set herself to cleaning her treasured little tome, her brother was already scrutinizing his own preferred prizes. It may not have seen like much to anyone else but to him his heart was already awash in wonder.

Two items out of all the bobbles called to him, catching his eye. One was a rather plain long dagger that wasn't quite big enough to be a sword but clearly wasn't a typical dagger either. He had heard stories, even seen a few on the sides of knights, this had to be the kind of dagger they used to defend themselves when they couldn't use their swords. The blade was thick and sturdy, clearly made more for use instead of looks.

The other thing to interest Camden was a leather bracer, it didn't have a match but it did have a shiny silver stud on top. Or at least it would have been shiny, it was a little tarnished from not being taken care of in a while. Camden didn't care, he finally had something that let him feel more like a adventuring hero.

"Cam," Trinity called to him, her voice while quiet had an edge to it that grabbed his full attention. Her book was glowing, and as her eyes poured over the first page it was slowly changing from a blank one to becoming covered in strange words. When next she spoke her tone was musical and different.

"Virtue is the key for any who desire to enter me.  The Vault of Echoes shall mirror forth that which is within and weight your worth." Trinity closed her eyes as she shut her book. "Cam," she began, "I think we're into a different kind of trouble."

"Not trouble, Trin, adventure!" Camden corrected with eyes that burned full of excitement.