Monday, April 22, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 25.

- Episode 25 -

"Enough of this foolishness," Baron Samael spat looking down upon a swirling green mist. The conjured form spun and swam before his gaze to continually reshape itself to show him events transpiring elsewhere. Irritation rising within him as he watched on until it seemed nearly perfectly clear that Lady Adriana might be trying to double cross him. He had never completely trusted her, and on numerous occasions had to dispel subtle attempts to distract or manipulate him. Or at the very least that is what he believed them to be. One could never be too careful, especially with the kind of ambition they held dear.

"Ensnaring my own agents and subjugating them to her own will, this alone I will not stand for. But the dear Lady has also seen to it to restrict them from reporting to me and instead bidden them to drive her quarry like game hounds. They might have failed to retrieve the key on their own but they did locate it and were fortunate enough to witness proof that it has been unlocked. I will deal with Thatch and Cobble later, right now it looks like I must become more directly involved before Lady Adriana is allowed to go too far on her own. If these three are allowed to make it to the Vault the risk is too great that they might seal it forever. It is too vital to our plans, that it cannot be permitted."

Summoning up his will, Baron Samael invoked his power as strange letters and arcane symbols flashed to life to hang in the air around him. Energies sprang to life to cloak him in its flow from all around him, even from the very stones of the tower itself. A long staff of bleached bone ringed with iron obediently answered his call to hover at his side.

Not a single servant could be seen anywhere. In truth no living servant had ever bore witness to the Baron actually taking leave of his stronghold before and gripped with terror instinctively hid themselves. It did them little good, there was a reason none of his thralls had ever seen him leave the tower. As he focused his will he reached out to gather up the very living energy of everyone inside FrostThorn tower and drew it to him. It was merely prudent to not allow anything to be wasted, and in any event it was likely they would have just used the chance to flee. Fear of punishment or not, they would have discovered any of the number of wards or barriers around the tower and perished while trying to escape.

With grim satisfaction Baron Samael measured his magical might and felt it sufficient. A quick series of gestures from his hand and he felt a seal settle over his tower. It was only wise to safeguard his sanctuary even if no one was left behind. "Now, to deal with treachery in kind," the Baron decided aloud, his tone dripping venom. "Then I'll dispatch the others as should have been done in the first place and reclaim that key."

Around FrostThorn tower the air shivered and the ground tensed. Streams nervously rushed with worry as nature itself placed it's hope and faith in three unlikely figures. Already the Vault was failing, and so very much was resting on the decisions yet to be made.