Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 13.

- Episode 13 -

"Hit him again, he has to know something," Thatch said firmly. Cobble held aloft in his left hand a battered farmer whose face already sported a few bruises. He raised his right hand, a big meaty and calloused thing almost the size of a mallet to threaten his helpless victim.

"I told you, the only thing I know is there was a pair of little thieves that stole some chicken from me, but they lept into the Pool of Tears. There is no way they made it out and they are the only ones I have seen besides you two lately." The farmer had the look of desperation in his eyes, he had already taken enough of a pounding that he would do anything to avoid any more.

"Please," he begged, "I swear that's all I know." Cobble didn't really want to hit him anymore but he wasn't sure what to do so he waited for Thatch who he figured was thinking about what to do. After a few long moments of silence Thatch finally spoke. "Alright, we'll take your word but if we have to come back this way, my friend here won't bother to pause for us to ask any more questions. Understand?"

The pummeled farmer nodded as he fought to keep his feet under him, he had been sure these two had meant to leave him dead. "Let's go Cobble," Thatch declared as he turned to look around. Which way was this Pool of Tears again he wondered. "Is that Pool the one where people say you never come back from?" Cobble asked sheepishly. He looked up to see Thatch nod in agreement. "Isn't that the one that's over that way by where we had the nice nap?" Cobble continued while pointing off towards the woods.

"How do you even possibly think you might know where the Pool of Tears is?" Thatch snapped as his head shot around to look down at Cobble. His cohort merely shrugged back at him. "I seriously doubt that your right Cobb," Thatch told him. "But I guess we best go have a look just the same."

"What are we going to do if it was two kids who found those things Thatch?" Cobble inquired as the two headed out. "Hope we find them hiding at some nearby farm or something and they still have them," Thatch stopped to explain. His face had the expression of dire earnest as he muttered quietly to add; "We both know what awaits us if we can't find them."

Cobble swallowed hard at that thought, and hurried to follow Thatch. It was a frightening thing to even consider, even for his simple mind.