Thursday, April 25, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 28.

- Episode 28 -

"Half a hammer," Mal found himself cursing once more. "That boy is going to get himself killed, and us with him." Whatever this thing was it was already circling around Camden and was looking for blood. There was no way the last living guardian was in any condition to hold it off on it's own and the boy didn't even help the odds any. "I think lady luck has decided firmly to leave us," Mal quipped, already drawing his blade and studying the scaly foe.

"Stay back and try to keep clear," the valiant veteran warned Trinity as he took to the ground. Claws struck out like flashes of lightning to rend the ground and cut through air as Lady Adriana launched herself into an assault. Gripped by frenzy a savage darkness drover her that no longer needed her mind to guide it. The sudden speed and ferocity forcing Camden to rely on every bit of his reflexes to avoid the blows.

Narrowly the weakened dragon struggled to defend itself as well. Where Lady Adriana moved fast, infused with raw power the dragon seemed to already be on it's last legs. Yet no wound marked its body, there was no evidence to offer explanation. The fact it was even still standing much less defiantly opposing the monster was a miracle in itself.

Mal carefully timed his swing when the beasts right arm shot up to lash out and slid in below it catching it off guard. It's focus turned on the dragon it hadn't noticed his strategic advance and now its momentum was already carrying the blow downward. Sharpened steel met cruel claws in a powerful blow that threatened to shake the very blade from his experienced grip. Mal had to fight to maintain his hold as he set his own might into a twisting sidestep that jerked his edge free, bidden to follow him.

Dark viscous fluid streamed forth from the wound while bright sharp pain blinded Lady Adriana until all she could see was purple and crimson. At the sight of the beasts momentarily dropped defenses the pale light of the dragon's eyes kindled a briefly brighter spark. A coarse roar labored to fight it's way free from it's throat and with it a brief burst of cold fire sputtered forth. The dragon breath even as diminished as it was threatening to wreak terrible havoc upon Lady Adriana. Already dealing with terrible pain she automatically retreated from the blast only to barely avoid the brunt of it.

A broad and sinister grin spread across Baron Samael as he drifted overhead to view the scene now unfolding below him. "Justice will be done," he coldly intoned, his staff a ghostly pallor that now matched the white on the knuckles that grasped it. He would relish this moment for a very long time.