Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 6.

- Episode 6 -

Tossed aside into a pile several strange items were laid in a clearing. The entire forest had watched as they were discarded before Thatch and Cobble had surrendered into a deep slumber. Trees whispered to one another in a language so old almost none still living could of understood it. Grass and stone looked up to see that even the wind was dancing about as it playfully considered what to do. They couldn't allow even the remote chance that Thatch or Cobble might retrieve the items when they awoke. It was far too dangerous for them to fall into the hands of Baron Samael.

But there was one possible option - the children. The idea made the wind tickle the trees and ruffle the grass. Yes, the children who even now were walking this way. A subtle shift in the forest path they followed and they would pass right by this very spot. Just to be safe the trees moved a few branches as well and let a stray sun bean peek down upon the items.

Delighted and giggling the wind raced away to watch with anticipation as the pair were wandering up. The trees grew silent, in their wisdom it was best to let things happen as they would. Once Camden and Trinity had touched the Pool of Tears the forest had seen their worth. It had measured them in a way and if there had been even a drop of evil or doubt within them they would have never made it out of the pool. For the Pool truly was a sacred place, and only anything pure had ever ever witnessed it and been allowed to live.

Camden and Trinity had actually been fairly lucky picking the path they did, it had actually led back up out of the rocky walls. If they had picked any other path it might have taken hours to find their way, or they might not have found their way at all. Camden couldn't help but think they had been luckier than usual. Well, except for the roast chicken part, it would still take some time before he got over that one.

Trinity herself couldn't shake the feeling that something was different. She could almost here something, faint and distant like a giggle. The sound reminded her of wind chimes or a baby laughing, it was kind of musical. Cam was probably just playing another joke on her she figured and left it alone.

Camden's hand suddenly grabbed at Trinity's wrist and without making a sound he gestured for her to be quiet. Two figures lay sleeping in the clearing and right there before them sat several objects laying in the sun all by their self. While Trinity tried to figure out why these things were cast aside or who the two travelers might be she watched as her brother was already scooping them up without hesitation.

There wasn't any time to debate the matter, Camden motioned for her to come on and the two left as fast and quiet as they could. Well, Trinity had to admit at least they could put some ground between them and the two asleep. But she couldn't help but think that Camden had just managed to bring even more trouble their way.