Thursday, April 11, 2013

Luck Of The Claw - Episode 14.

- Episode 14 -

"Those two neanderthals will never manage to accomplish the task you set them on, you know that right?" The Baron immediately recognized the voice that drifted through shadows and delicately brushed his ear. It was both soft like a stray beam of moonlight and yet it also held a carefully veiled razor edge. There was but one person capable of being both a thing of beauty and coldly vicious as any predator - Lady Adriana.

As sinister as they come the Lady had been a strong supporter of Baron Samael, providing him with key information. Even now she seemed to purr advice in his ear. "And what then do you propose, my dear?" The Baron let the question effortlessly roll from his tongue without looking up. He knew better than to allow her to distract him as she often easily did.

"I think the solution should be obvious," she declared casually. "If the obvious result is that your servants should fail then we must be prepared to consider taking action. When that happens I think it save to presume that whoever has the key will endeavor to seek out the Vault. All I propose is to position myself to follow them to our prize and then reward them appropriately for their hard work."

The Baron couldn't argue with her logic, not really but he also felt like he detected a certain glee creep into her tone. It wouldn't surprise him at all to think that she might possibly enjoy her little plan, much less personally dealing with whoever now troubled them. "That does sound prudent," The Baron agreed. "We have worked too hard for too long to let our plans be ruined now."

"Very well then," Lady Adriana whispered with a course before stalking out of FrostThorn tower. There was a dark joy in her step as she echoed across the tower's stone. She was determined to keep everything on track, and so very happy to do so.