Monday, July 1, 2013

Metal In The Moonlight - Episode 11.

Episode 11

“I believe this is yours,” Chief Gnaeus held out a still slightly horror-stained hammer offered to Gabriel’s waiting hand. He found his grip longingly reaching for the missed embrace of his crafting companion. It did indeed feel so good to finally wrap his fingers around his forged friend. “Thank you,” Gabriel gratefully admitted his appreciated the return of his treasured tool.

“It was recovered from the site of your attack; I thought you should see it returned to you when I heard you were going to recover.” The chief seemed like a decent enough man, Gabriel thought but something else was moving beneath the surface of the man’s eyes. Like fish in water he couldn’t pinpoint it but he knew there was more at play here than just respectfully returned tools.

“However, let’s get one thing clear here and now. You can carry your hammer with you. I have no complaints on the matter, in fact I would rather you had it with you so that you might defend yourself should it become necessary. But you are to be given any other arms. Is that understood?”

Gabriel’s eyebrow rose slightly at the implied notion; he was going to be expected to help hunt a vicious monster, and he was being asked to do so with only a hammer to defend himself. Doubtless the other officers would be armed with their own weapons; it was they who were expected to fight the real battle. Gabriel was just supposed to tag along and point out the unknown creature or provide any insight he might. But he wasn’t about to be trusted as an armed combatant in this endeavor.

In a way Gabriel couldn’t really blame the Chief, I mean it was a bizarre story and he was under suspicion already. An itching impulsive instinct still begged at release inside him. It reminded him that even with only a hammer he could be more of a match for what they would hunt than anything the authorities planned to send out. Even if they didn’t know full well the primal potential he was keeping in check.

“Fair enough,” Gabriel bowed his head without objection and hefted his hammer reminding himself of its presence. “All I asked was a chance to help end this nightmare before others shares my fate, if I can. This is more than enough, thank you,” he added and held his stained hammer aloft.

“Now that that is settled, let’s introduce you to the newly assigned Night-Watch Squad,” Chief Gnaeus declared, an official tone edging into his voice. “Send them in,” the grizzled old veteran commanded his desk and the door slid open in response. A pair of patrol uniformed officers stepped into the room dutifully and stood at attention to await the Chief’s orders. They were and odd combination Gabriel thought as he took them in.

Standing tall almost regal was the slim and trim figure of a young lady. However where she clearly had been born to the gender she had molded herself into something more. Every inch of her body was tightly toned and conditioned. Heel to head each muscle was as sleek as her raven colored hair, which was just playfully long enough to be feminine without being efficiently short for an active lifestyle. This lady, Gabriel was certain must work out a lot. But even as dedicated to her physique as she must be he studied her eyes, they were a deep azure and held behind small round glasses, and found behind them a keen intellect. There was more to this one then met even his sharp gaze.

Next to her was a slight figure by comparison; a young man who had to barely be into his twenties by Gabriel’s estimation. He had a shortly cropped head of platinum blond hair and his face held a weak smile that threatened to fall any minute. Surely this mousy little man hadn’t volunteered for the assignment? Had he? Where the other officer beside him looked quite capable of confidently charging into a dark alley to confront an unknown creature, Gabriel questioned weather this one could even step outside after dark.

“Allow me to introduce Oliver Novius and Vedia Corvan. Officer Novius just graduated from his training program and all his tests mark him as a qualified officer. And Officer Corvan here is one of our most well read acting officers. She actually volunteered for this assignment,” Chief Gnaeus explained thoughtfully. “Thought so,” Gabriel added quietly with a chuckle.

“Excuse me,” the Chief interrupted Gabriel with a snapped stare. “Oh, nothing, never mind Chief,” he politely apologized and bid the Chief to continue. “Where was I? Oh, yes; Officers Novius and Corvan, I would like to introduce you to a civilian who will be joining you on patrol in a probationary capacity. His name is Gabriel Vincent and he will be bringing with him a unique experience that may prove valuable in your task. However, you are to under no circumstance leave him unsupervised, or allow him to take up arms. Report any unusual behavior or suspicious activity made by Mr. Vincent directly to me. He is allowed the use of his hammer for self defense only. His job is to advise and identify, that is all! Understood?”

Both officers quickly answered with a unified chorus of ‘yes sir’ before the Chief declared introductions over with. It would be dusk soon and he wanted his newly assigned Night-Watch Squad ready to get active for their first official patrol. But before anyone left the room Gabriel found two new pair of eyes that refused to leave his general direction for a moment. It made him want to curse Sebastian’s name as he decided that perhaps his old friend had made a good point about people ready to point blame his way as the easier target. This was bound to be a long night, and anything but easy. He hoped in some regards it would be uneventful but for everyone else’s sake he prayed it was anything but. No matter where it might leave him standing.