Friday, July 19, 2013

Newport And The Promise Of Redemption.

Well, as of now my latest tale Metal In The Moonlight has been available for about two days. However, to be honest I had already been working on some notes for my next story even before I finished it. I have managed, albeit entirely by accident, to fall into a sort of routine it seems and ironically enough happen to be enjoying it.

You see I adore telling a good story. Always have. And what I began on a whim as a simple project to spend time on for my kids has grown to become a staple of my day. Without that small measure of time to write on a forming story in my mind each day I think I would be lost of late. My day just doesn't seem complete without putting a few pages down. I have even noticed a particular pace in my writing recently that has me finishing stories around the same time each month, which is quite rewarding to say the least.

So, I thought I would take a moment to thank anyone and everyone who has enjoyed any of my work so far. I would especially like to say how much I appreciate all those precious peers who have gratefully agreed to give my most recent endeavor a fair shake and share their thoughts. Naturally I am giddy with restrained delight as I set back and wonder at whether or not they will like it, love it or even loathe it. For me that is a big part of the experience. It is the endless looming question of how something I wrote will be received. And as unsettling as a bad response can be it is rewarding in its own way to consider the fact that someone actually reacted to your work. All to often as a writer you're left to ponder if your little trivial tales are floating about in the empty aether without being experienced by anyone.

That said, if you haven't had the chance to measure the metal of a man who is a mixture of machine and perhaps part monster give Metal In The Moonlight a shot. Join the Howling hero as he hunts for horrors, but make sure to keep a hammer handy. You never know what nightmares await you out there in the night.

And if you're looking for a different flavor to delight you could always give one of my other stories a shot. They are all available through Smashwords, and every one of them completely free. You can even find many of them at other distributors such as Barnes & Noble, Diesel eBooks, Kobo, Bilo and Sony eBook Store. Explore the neon-lit night with Lexel as she tries to help Zero an escaped experimental robotic dog find freedom in Neon Knights. Join Camden and Trinity, orphans who dream of better days as they find themselves stumbling into sinister plans to overthrow the kingdom and prove themselves heroes in the process in Luck of The Claw. Or delve into dark with the brightly brave boy Jack as he battles his own fears to stand against the terrors of twilight in A Light In The Dark.

For those of you who might be curious about the next story currently being crafted, here is a little look;

Some Heroes aren't born, they're made by the simple decision to pick up the gauntlet. Marshall Lawson was raised believing in heroes but when he never found any he decided he would just have to do. But with nobody else believing in heroes anymore does he have what it takes to challenge those who break the law? Or will he become just another punchline?

On the hard and unforgiving world of Newport there is the promise of rich rewards for those who dare to seek them. Such allure has snared many to seek Newport in search of new life, potential wealth, or the challenge of unexplored dangers to conquer. Its scattered settlements lay isolated and alone at the mercy of those who prey upon the weak. Especially the frontier town of Redemption; where a gauntlet is about to be thrown. 

Stay tuned for the exciting adventures of Gauntlet!